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                  Our Mission: The members of the Athenaeum come together to beneficially influence
Kansas City culture through education, historic preservation, friendship and philanthropy.
We endeavor to become better informed and to make a contribution to society.

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Athenaeum Philanthropy

The No No Arm Band factory opened Wednesday Sept. 24th at the Club House and the assembly line got to work. Thanks to Carol, Becky, and Dianne the production line successfully began a great project for a great cause. The chatting never stopped, sorry others missed the day.

You can still participate if you would like to do some at home. We can put together the pieces, you just do the sewing!

October is the month to celebrate the harvest and share the bounty.

Lets break bread together for a meeting and luncheon at the Club House Wednesday,

October 14, 2015
11:00 am Social
11:15 am Speaker
followed by luncheon catered by Annie Hobbs, $15

Our speaker will be a representative from Harvesters. Here is a chance to learn all about the place where we will be doing some hands on volunteer work October 28.

October 28, 8:30-10:30 am, Community Service Day. Put on your work gloves and volunteer at the Harvesters facility,
3801 Topping Avenue, KCMO!
We will be sorting and repacking items, so dress casually and wear closed toe shoes.
Other requests from Harvesters:

  • Please leave all valuable jewelry at home. This includes rings, which may come off in the packing process.

  • No food, gum, or drinks are permitted in the warehouse.

  • Cell phone usage is not permitted in the warehouse.

  • All volunteers must be free of contagious illness (runny nose, colds, the flu, strep throat, etc.)

Please mark your calendars for these two dates and

make your reservation for lunch on the 14th,
I must tell the caterer how many mouths to feed by the 12th...

and let me know if you want to participate on the 28th, I need to let Harvesters know how many volunteers we have coming.

Jenks Wallace, VP Philanthropy


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The Athenaeum Club House is not available for event rentals at this time