Kansas City, Missouri       

A Rich Heritage -- An Exciting Future

     The Kansas City Athenaeum was organized in 1894 when several women's groups joined together. The group's focus evolved from a study society to a literary and philanthropic organization. The new club became a dynamic advocate for educational, community and civic concerns. The women of the Athenaeum took on causes that began more than a century of service, education and positive social change in Kansas City.
A magnificent Greek Revival club house was built in 1914 at the corners of Linwood Boulevard and Campbell Street, funded entirely by the members. Now listed on the National and Kansas City Registers of Historic Places, the club house continues to be used and maintained by our male and female members. The building is a source of pride and a tribute to a century of civic and benevolent endeavors.

The women and men of the Athenaeum have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for more than 150 different civic and charitable concerns. We continue to reach out to our community through philanthropy, the use of our beautiful building and events that reach the entire Kansas City area. The Athenaeum helped found Missouri Girls Town, a residential care facility for abused and neglected girls, and continues to stay involved today. We remain committed to our mission: To come together to beneficially influence Kansas City culture through education, historic preservation, friendship and philanthropy. We endeavor to become better informed and to make a contribution to society.

The Athenaeum Through the Years --a Tmeline of Club History

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